Alison Williams

Fabric finder, designer, creator, maker and owner of a repurposed fashion business called re.find & de.find and now the proud owner of Flourish with Grit - shoot me an email:

Born in New Zealand, I moved to Scotland in 1989 and then to the States in 2000. Art, gardening and sewing have always been part of my life. My parents have a crazy, beautiful, incredibly abundant garden, which my father makes more beautiful each year. My mother is a sewing queen and bakes the best shortbread in the world (in addition, she is a demon lawn mower). They bought me a sewing machine for my 10th birthday - it was the best gift EVER. My first project was a rag-doll, because then I could make clothes for it.


My creative, rural, upbringing: gardening, milking cows, building fires, and bricolage of all sorts (brewing concoctions from plants to building tree-huts), has combined with my constant delight in fashion (I was a teenager in the 80's after all!!) and a fascination with old fabrics and antiques...throw in a profound concern for the environment, an enjoyment of repurposing, a love of texture and pattern, and we have re.find & de.find. Cindy Lauper, Adam Ant, J Morgan Puett, Cowgirls, Pioneers, early 1900's fashion, and MacGyver, are a sampling of my influences.


I founded Flourish with Grit as a way to help the community of Turners Falls flourish but maintain the gritty side that makes it unique and wonderful. My aim is to encourage people to make, to explore, and to be inspired. ​Although the brick and mortar space is currently closed Flourish with Grit will reopen in a new location as soon as possible...until safe and well. 


You can see my artwork online at