Flourish  - a store with sass. 

A retail space featuring innovative, contemporary, handmade products with a focus on repurposing. 

One of a kind artisan works come together with a bunch of curated items...a cabinet of curiosities to be browsed until you find those things you just have to have to adorn your body, your home, or to give to someone you love. 

Store Hours:

Thursday and Friday 12-5pm

Saturday 11- 6pm

Sunday 11 - 5pm

Fabulous makers we stock:

Modern Vintage Designs

Chris Archer Ceramics

re.find & de.find

Rebecca Desrochers


Barebones Living

Glamourpuss Creations

Hella Slingshot

Cozy Blue Handmade

Real. Soaps


Offensive + Delightful

Blackthorn Prints